Lindy Place

An urban oasis

Silicon Valley perched estate with multiple floors of family luxury living. Designed with a single or extended family in mind, the property creates living, working, and entertainment-focused areas.

Situated on a southeast-facing hill, the property provides exceptional 180° views including Apple Park, Levi Stadium, downtown San Jose, and the southern time of the San Francisco Bay. The home has green touches including solar panels, hard-foam insulation for comfort and reduced energy usage, and an irrigated orchard.

Property History

11487 Lindy Place was one of the original properties in Cupertino. In a piece of business history, Mike Markkula, the former next door neighbor, signed the first round of investment to a young Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak to get Apple Computers running.

With current zoning laws and building requirements, the only way to maximize the square footage of this property, while capitalizing on the gorgeous ever-present views, was to perform a drastic remodel.

Over $1M was invested just in foundation support to ensure that this home would sit atop its hill through any kind of seismic activity.

The property contains amenities that you would expect on an estate larger than one acre, including a sports bar, a gym, a movie theater, a sports court, an irrigated orchard, a lap pool, and scenic outdoor seating areas that can comfortably seat over 100 people.